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The Importance of Quality Early Care and Education


Ninety percent of a child's brain capacity develops before age 5. Quality Counts North State is here to support families in nurturing children's growth and development during this critical phase. By providing information around quality early care and education, we aim to help you learn what key indicators of quality look like so you can choose what will be best for you and your child. 


Talk.Read.Sing short.jpeg
Talking, reading and singing with your child every day can have a profound impact on their development. Check out the Brain Card below to learn about ideas on how to engage with your child through Talk. Read. Sing.
How early is too early to start talking, reading and singing with your child? It's never too early! Take a look at the It's Never Too Early in English and Spanish below to get tips to support your child's growth at different stages of development.

What do our young children need?


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Parents all over the world deal with temper tantrums, disobedience, bedtime dramas, homework problems and other common parenting issues.  Check out some positive parenting tips and techniques here.
Quality early care and education is an important part of kindergarten readiness. There are some points to consider and things to be done in the time leading up to a child’s transition into kindergarten.  One tool to help families be prepared and stay on track is the Next Stop Kindergarten Guide.
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